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Our mission is to lead the development and growth of the Mongolian mining industry by applying our professional skills and knowledge, international best practices, and cutting-edge technology.

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About Us

QMC (Qualified Management Consultants) LLC is a Mongolian company (established in 2011) that delivers high-quality professional services to our clients in the mineral resource industry. We offer technical, management and strategic advisory services on all aspects of project cycle, from conception to final product production; feasibility studies; environmental and social impact assessment; project management support; industrial automation; environmental rehabilitation and mine closure management.

QMC started its business by helping local companies to develop their projects in compliance with Mongolian standards and guidelines (as required by the Mongolian Mineral Resources Professional Council and other agencies), and to foreign investors to efficiently communicate with Mongolian professional communities and regulatory bodies.

We are dedicated to bringing international best practices, services, and technologies to Mongolia’s mining, infrastructure and energy sectors.

Our business model and business offerings are based/focused on the technical, environmental, social and governance issues of mining, based on the knowledge and experience we have jointly built in the last decade together with its clients and partners. These business offerings help not only our clients in mining industry but also communities and government bodies where mining matters. We have an experienced team of experts, we apply internationally accepted tools and solutions, and we cooperate with international partners.


To become the leading consulting firm in Mongolia's mineral resource industry by providing innovative and effective solutions that address our clients' challenges and contribute to the development of the country's economy and society.

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