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Successfully organized the Mine Closure 2015 domestic conference

The German Geoscience Institute project of “Mine Reclamation Training” which is implemented by the Professional Inspection Agency in cooperation with Mongolian mining companies was first established in 2006. And its 10th anniversary was held in MINE CLOSURE-2015 under the title “Efficient economical Mine Closure” between September 17th to 18th of 2015 in Nalaikh district. QMC LLC co-organized the conference in cooperation with the NGO Mongolian environmental experts association and other partners and co-sponsors from preparation of presentations on challenges and issues on MIne closure to support its advetisements and public relations.

The main topics of the conference included the “Mine Closure policiesand current international regulatory framework” put forth by QMC LLC, and the“Comprehensive Mine closure planning: an Anglo-Americanexperience” presented by the guest speaker President and Chief Representative for Anglo-American, MongoliaDr.GraemeHancockinvited by QMC LLC.All in all this goes to show that how high a regard is put into Mine closure within not only developed countries but for international firms as well.

A conference session was held on the topic of “Erdenet Mine closure policy and planning” which was based on QMC LLC andErdenet Mining Corporationjoint cooperation results of introducing a Mine closure plan for EMC. The session included presentations of Mine closure and parallel economy /B.Boldbaatar, Deputy General Director in charge of trade for EMC/, The incorporation of Mine closure in the concept of EMC development for 2015-2025 / P.Ganbat, Head of development for EMC /, Erdenet Mine closure and regulation of environmental issues / O.Erdenetuya, Head of environmental department for EMC / which attracted many participants.There were lots of questions and comments on some issues, and much appreciation for taking an integrated approach for the future of EMC which already serves as an integral part of the Mongolian economy.

Link: http://www.mineclosure2015.mn/

Additional information:  If you wish to see the presentation put forth on Mine Closure 2015 international conference, please contact us atinfo@QMC.mn. Follow the link to see the ETV interview of General Director for QMC Group and Board member for NGO Mongolian environmental experts association, in anticipation of the Mine Closure 2015 conference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBERdCjChwk.

QMC LLC seeks to establish the legal and regulatory framework of Mine Closure in Mongolia, to help introduce Mine closure management systems in mining companies and the development of Mine closure planning as a leading priority.If you are interested in consultation on Mine closure and wish to seek our services, please contact us at either:info@QMC.mn or +976 7711 1100.

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