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Major Projects Implemented

Mining Consulting 

2008      Baganuur coal mine expansion project and blasting parameter study and Tsagaan Eleg alabaster mine feasibility study


2009      Borundur alabaster mine, Khovd river wolfram mine, Tayannuur  iron ore, Tumutolgoi iron ore, Khudgiin Am placer goldmine, Samartai alabster ore and Yagaan Khudag agalmatolite mine feasibility studies 


2010      Tayannuur iron ire, Tumurtolgoi iron ore, Aduunchuluu coal mine, Baga Khailaast placer gold mine, Bukht-Uul gold mine, Tumurchuluut iron ire and Dund Bulag alabaster mine feasibility studies  


2011     Khust Uul iron ore, Biluut gold mine, Tsagaanchuluut limestone ore, Tumurtei iron ire, Ulaanbulant gold mine, Mal alabaster mine, Tsaidam coal mine and Tsagaan Tsakhir gold mine feasibility studies; and iron ore processing plant feasibility study 


2012    Nariinsukhait coal mine, Khutul-2 cement, limestone ore, Erdentsogt-4 coal mine, Khar Khongor coal mine and Bor Khulan coal mine feasibility studies; Mandakh Nuur coal mine and Uguumur limestone ore pre-feasibility studies; and underground mine technological sampling project Altan Uul area. 


2013    Mandakh Nuur coal mine and Khutul-2 cement, limestone ore feasibility studies; Tayannuur iron ore feasibility study; Kharanga iron ore exploration report and successful commissioning of pre-feasibility study by Mineral Council. Currently, QMC is developing Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold mine feasibility study with emphasis on the operation; Dalt uranium ore pre-feasibility study; and Ulziit uranium ore and Kharanga iron ore feasibility studies. 


  § Biological rehabilitation of 90 ha area, Zaamar soum, Tuv province
  § Biological rehabilitation of 32 ha area, Galuut soum, Bayankhongor provinc 
  § Biological rehabilitation of 45 ha area, Dornod province
  § Water flow elevation in 6 ha area, Khan-Uul district, Ulaanbaatar city
  § Forest cover of 4 km arable land, Erdene soum, Tuv province

  § Desertation combating project (3 ha), Umnugobi province

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