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Mine Rehabilitation/Eco Services

In many cases, the positive economic benefits of mining can help to relieve pressure on biodiversity and the environment by reducing the amount of destructive deforestation and poaching activities, as such creating a responsible, sustainable approach to mineral development and recognizing the role of mining in economic development while growing trust between stakeholders.
Our team is able to assist you in the implementation of measures to prevent, mitigate and offset impacts across the entire life cycle of a mine – from exploration to post-mine rehabilitation – to minimize adverse effects on the environment and biodiversity in host regions.

We develop feasibility studies, design drawings, environmental impact assessment reports and soil biological studies.

Mine Closure
When planning mine closure, we consider adverse impact on the environment, one of the important factors, and maintain supportive opportunity and positive benefits for local residents.

Technical Rehabilitation
We provide technical rehabilitation services including filling, grading and preparing top soil for biological rehabilitation as well as preparing technical and technological estimation, design drawing, cost estimates based on geological study of damaged soil according to the related standards.

Biological Rehabilitation
We provide biological rehabilitation services such as hardening damaged soil, rehabilitate productivity of soil, planting grass and developing forest and industrial areas. 
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