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Management Team
Dagva Myagmarsuren
General Director 

Mr. Myagmarsuren is a founder and General Director of QMC Group. From 2001 and 2006, respectively, to the present, Mr. Myagmarsuren has been the Senior Lecturer at the School of Mining Engineering of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST, the leading national university providing the highest quality of education in the fields of science, technology and engineering) and Deputy Director of the Mining Research and Design Center of the MUST. He was awarded a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mining technology by the MUST.
Under his management, QMC Group has become one of the leading national mining consulting companies. Mr. Myagmarsuren has a strong academic and teaching background and possesses a solid, over 10 years of experience with proven track record in leading teams engaged in mining studies, including exploration, feasibility, mine development, mine production and mine supporting infrastructure. As the General Director, he plays a key leadership role in setting the strategic direction of our Group and has helped to guide the Group through a challenging period marked by steady growth.
Tsedendamba Damdin
Executive Director  

Mr. Damdin was awarded a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering by the MUST in 1998.
Since 1999, Mr. Damdin held various operational and management positions in the surface and underground gold mining operations with companies such as  Boroo Gold LLC and Mondulaan Trade LLC where he focused on mine studies, valuations, reserves estimates, short and long term mine planning, capital and operating cost estimates.  Mr. Damdin has a wide experience in accessing variety of solutions to mining, treatment, logistical and environmental problems. As the Executive Director, Mr. Damdin is responsible for the Group’s daily activities, human resources, safety and to provide an enhanced workplace for the Group’s employees.

Bayarmagnai Tsedenbaljir
Business development  director

Mr. Tsedenbaljir has spearheaded innovation within the Group to better serve our clients and diversify the Groups businesses. Through his participation in diverse role in energy, mining, infrastructure and sales businesses – from instrumentation & controlling engineer to sales manager, to chief operating officer of tin wash plant, and to general manager of coal handling and preparation plant of the Ukhaa Khudag coal mine, the very first coal wash plant in Mongolia - Mr. Tsedenbaljir has developed proven expertise consulting high visibility project that require specialized skills and sensitivity to unique program requirements.

  Tsogbayar Tumurbaatar
Automation, information technology director
Mr. Tsogbayar Tumurbaatar is the Director responsible for industrial automation of the Group. He has a proven track record in growth and profit and turning-around of failing departments/companies in engineering, technology, start-ups, consulting and construction companies. Excellent ability in applying knowledge and experience to different operating environments.



Bayambadorj Purevjav
Eco service director

Mr. Byambadorj Purevjav is the Director responsible  for eco services of the Group. He manages environmental aspects relating to mining, dealing with complex and multifaceted problems and applying the correct management actions. Mr. Purevjav is skilled at determining a practical process for achieving land management, rehabilitation and restoration and experienced in environmental management, mine site restoration and forest rehabilitation.

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