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Our Partners
Dassault Systemes GEOVIA is home to world-renowned mining solutions like GEMS, Surpac, Minex, Whittle, and InSite, and to industry thought pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in mining.
Web: http://www.geovia.com 

Oyu Tolgoi LLC is developing a mine in Umnugobi province, Mongolia that will exploit one of the world's largest undeveloped copper-gold resources.
Web: http://www.ot.mn  
Kanawha Scales & Systems, Inc. has built its reputation around the highest level of customer support, innovative technology and dedicated account management required by customers around the world. Kanawha Scales & Systems has an extensive history in the weighing industry, which allows it to provide something that most scale service companies cannot.
Web: http://www.kanawhascales.com
  Mongolyn Alt (MAK) Group is the third largest business in Mongolia. MAK will stand as a long-term, significant contributor to the development of Mongolia and social wealth through discoveries of mineral properties and producer of mineral resources namely gold, copper, molybdenum and coal.
Web: http://www.mak.mn

Eurokhan LLC, sourcing the right service for the industrial sector of Mongolia, is successfully providing EPC services for the infrastructure, water and oil industries. Eurokhan is the official distributors and service provider for leading international mining, oil and gas equipment and services.

Altain Khuder LLC is a domestic mining and mineral exploration company with the primary objective to survey, explore, develop and mine iron ore at the Tayan Nuur mine in Mongolia and to sell, store, transport and export iron ore products to steel mills in China.
Web : http://www.altainkhuder.mn

Respec provides high-quality technical and advisory services in the field of mining, energy, water and natural resources and information technology.
Web: https://respec.com

Darkhan Metallurgical Plant State Property Stock Company, Tumurtolgoi iron ore mine located in Khongor soum, Darkhan-Uul aimag.
Web: http://www.dmp.mn

Ferrostaal GmbH is active worldwide as a project developer in the areas of petrochemicals, wind power and oil & gas, and as service and sales partner deals in machinery and equipment for recycling, packaging, rail transport, laboratory technology and printing, as well as with pipes and piping accessories.
Web: http://www.ferrostaal.com

Ikh Gobi Energy LLC, privately owned Mongolian coal miner, owns Mandakh Nuur coking coal project, 165 km from the Mongolian-Chinese Hangi-Mandal border.

AMEC is one of the world’s leading engineering, project management and consultancy companies which deliver profitable, safe and sustainable projects and services in the oil and gas, mining, clean energy, environment and infrastructure markets.
Web: http://www.amecfw.com

Altan Dorod Mongolia LLC, a Russian invested company, is one of the major gold mining companies in Mongolia.
Web: http://www.adm.mn

Agricultural University, Ordos, Inner Mongolia
Web: http://www.admissions.cn/imau/index_nm.html

IT Zone (former MCS Electronics) provides sales and services of computer equipment and peripherals to all levels of consumers. IT Zone is the leading national company with 30% market share of the domestic information technology market.

Web: https://www.itzonestore.mn/

Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia, the Implementing Agency of the Government of Mongolia.
Web: http://www.zasag.mn/m/civil-aviation-authority

Orbitnet LLC, an integrated satellite communication network covering company, connects all corners of Mongolia through satellite communications. Providing high-speed internet connection via the latest IP technology, Orbitnet has become a trusted partner to our clients with 50% share of the satellite internet service market.

Mongolian Railway, state owned shareholding company, was established in 2008 to start a fair business competition, to set up national railway company and to own and use as a working capital property from the state budget or foreign loan and donation.
Web: http://www.mtz.mn/

Monos Pharma Trade LLC is one of the leading and fastest-growing pharmaceutical distributors in Mongolia. Monos Pharma Trade serves all pharmacies and hospitals throughout the country with a vast product line of more than 3200 pharmaceuticals, medical devices, laboratory appliances and equipment, diagnostics and vaccines.
Web: http://www.monos.mn/
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