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About Us
QMC Group (Qualified Mining Consultants) is a Mongolian company that provides high-quality technical and advisory services to our clients in the resource industry. Our services include inter alia consulting services on all phases of project cycle from inception to production of final products; development of feasibility studies; providing support on project management; industrial automation and environmental protection.


We started our business by providing mining consulting services in partnership with Mining Research and Design Center of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology in 2004. Today, we are one of the leading national companies in the fields of mining design and consulting. 


During last 10 years Mongolian economy has seen rapid growth and expansion mainly due to increased direct investments in the mining sector, and many high profile projects and studies are being implemented in mining, infrastructure and energy sectors. At QMC,we aim to create local capacity to provide professional consulting and project management services in the resource sector, to learn continuously and to grow jointly with our clients.  

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