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Discover the World’s Most Innovative Scheduling Software

With our continued commitment to advanced scheduling solutions for the mining industry, Dassault Systèmes has released the latest release of GEOVIA MineSched ™– the world’s most innovative scheduling software for mining, featuring fully standalone capabilities for an improved user experience.  No longer dependent on GEOVIA Surpac™for its operation, MineSched 9.0 supports integration to any geology and mine planning software, and provides mining companies and engineers the tools to help maximize productivity and profits.

With the most advanced user interface in the market, MineSched may be used wherever and whenever scheduling is needed and will receive data inputs in a wide variety of data types and formats. The independent nature of the new 64-bit MineSched 9.0 supports large data that may be exported to a wide list of output formats allowing all numerical, tabular, and geometric results to be consumed by practically every possible solution that may require it.

 Intuitive, rapid setup and guided workflows take the complexity out of scheduling, putting real decision-making power back in the hands of engineers and mining operations while ensuring stakeholder confidence. 

 Given MineSched is not reliant on any geology and mine planning software solution, consultants who are often asked to support different GMPs, and, in some cases, multiple GMPs,  may especially enjoy all of the benefits of MineSched 9.0 for their client scheduling requirements, without being tied to any one GMP solution.

Here is a quick video overview that highlights some of the new and exciting features in MineSched 9.0.

 Embed MineSched video

We hope you are as excited for the latest release of MineSched as we are. For more information on MineSched 9.0, click here. 
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