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Whittle 4.6

What's New For GEOVIA Whittle™ 4.6

GEOVIA Whittle is the world’s most trusted strategic mine planning software used to determine and optimize the economics of open pit mining projects.

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Whittle 4.6, the latest release of the mining industry’s most popular strategic mine planning software, will enable you 

to add even more economic value to your projects, and save time by streamlining processes. With 64-bit support and Windows 8.1 Support, Whittle 6.4 now handles larger datasets, which optimizes and runs bigger models making Whittle easier to use than ever.


Import Block Model Wizard
With Whittle 4.6, users can now import block model files directly from a number of different GMPS without having to convert the file. Save time by importing multiple surfaces from a single DTM, DWG or DXF file. 

64 Bit Support 
Whittle 4.6’s new 64-bit processing power enables users to use memory beyond the previous 4 GB limit to produce larger block models with improved processing times. 

Grade Tonnage Graph 
Whittle 4.5 has been enhanced to allow use of different values for each rock type. Prior to this version, only a single value for mining dilution and recovery could be specified. Global values can still be entered and are used when rock type specific values are not indicated. 

Windows 8.1 Support 
Whittle 4.6 now supports Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system.
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